About Us


Welcome to Jokers Wild Intimates. My wife and I started this business in 2018. We had a friend who was a bikini barista have all her outfits stolen out of her car. She asked us to join her shopping at a big box lingerie store. I was shocked at the prices of the outfits she had to pay for just to do her job. At the time I was an Executive Marketing Manager. My job was working on online research for products. I told her to buy three outfits (which still came out to almost $200)

Over the next week, I found her eleven outfits for the same price. And then Joker's Wild Intimates was born. As a Hispanic man and woman-owned business, we want to bring sexy, elegant lingerie at an affordable price. We are based out of Washington State. We deliver locally and ship anywhere in the country.

We are an LLC and buy from over twenty-plus vendors. My wife and I try to source from majority women-owned or minority vendors. We focus on sourcing from US-based suppliers with production and design in the USA. Including an incredible LQBTQ festival wear company. A woman-owned company that hires women whose husbands have been victims of violence. And a couple owned pasties company

Its time to bring the sensual feeling out of the bedroom to the everyday lifestyle. No matter if you are a bikini barista, Exotic dancer, Stay at home mom or executive running board room meetings

mail - sales@jokerswildintimates.com

address:- Jokers Wild LLC

4570 Avery Lane SE

Ste C #5156 Lacey, WA 98503